The week that was Phillipine Fashion Week...

It's taken as a while to post about Philippine Fashion Week because of our busy schedules but better late than never! Collections from both independent designers and large fashion companies showcased their designs over the 5-day event. Each collection was different from one another: some took a minimalist approach while some took a risk with more modern designs and some were native-inspired apparel. The variety presented at Philippine Fashion Week was refreshing as we saw how ingenious Filipino designs are and also how the fashion industry in Asia is starting to make a name for itself. 
Below are a few collections from the week that was Philippine Fashion Week.. Enjoy!

Lee 125th Anniversary Archive Tour


For more information, visit their website.

The Couleurs Royale Dress Collection by Albert Andrada

Eric Delos Santos

Harley Ruedas 

Pat Santos

Tina Daniac

Vania Romoff 

EsAc by AudieAE

Frederick Policarpio

Jeffrey Rogador

Jian Lasala

Boyet Dysangco

Cherry Samuya Veric

Roland Lirio

Xernan Orticio

Dexter Alazas

Ditta Sandico

Edgar San Diego

Edwin Uy

Jaz Cerezo

Nardie Presa

Philipp Tampus

Randall Solomon

Raoul Ramirez


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