Filipino designer Ezra describes his new collection as a "vision of a modern Berber woman in a magical blue garden of Jardin Majorelle". 

Being based in Dubai, a melting pot of cultures, it is no surprise he gained inspiration from the Berber culture and history that is known to be diverse and also versatile. The Berbers of Morocco, regarded as both Mediterranean and African, were open to influences from Europe, Africa and Asia. This is reflected in the collection as it incorporates strong metallic pieces with diaphanous gowns. Ezra effortlessly manages to show off boldness while maintaining femininity. He also used different techniques in detailing his pieces, portraying his range in design.

Ezra's use of laser cut-outs for both fabric and metal adds to the modernity of the collection.

The collection is set in Jardin Majorelle, a masterpiece of a garden in Morocco. Jacque Majorelle, an artist, painted the property in brilliant colours, one of which would be known as Majorelle Blue. It is described as an ultramarine cobalt blue "evoking Africa". 
Ezra's blue motif for all his pieces, except for one bright yellow piece that alludes to sunlight in the garden, could be a nod to the artist's work. We think this was a great idea as it showed more of his talent since we were able to see just how meticulous his designs are without being overwhelmed by so many other colours. 

The delicate embroidery and beading in these pieces are made to look like flowers.

The use of Swarovski crystals in the collection adds a subtle glamour and opulence to the collection.

Ezra is renowned for his bridal gowns so it wouldn't be a proper runway show without them. We unfortunately weren't at Dubai Fashion Forward but we've heard enough about this to make us want to time travel back on that Friday night and see it firsthand. It apparently SNOWED just before the bridal pieces came out. How amazing is that?! 
            This was truly the cherry on top of a very exquisite night! 

To see more of Ezra's collections, visit his website and facebook page. Tweet him here.

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