Stromae’s new fashion line for the NEAT, SMART and TRIM

Stromae, is the designer of the Mosaert fashion line. His real name is Paul Van Haver; he so happens to have been born in Brussels to a Rwandan father and a Belgian mother on 12th March 1985. Sadly, his father was killed during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. At the tender age of eleven, Paul Van Haver developed an interest in music. He attended the Academie Musicale de Jetter, where he studied music theory and learned how to play the drums.

Today, Paul Van Haver alias Stromae is also an author, composer and now, a fashion designer as well as a fashion stylist. He just released his first collection with the Beligian creative label behind his wardrobe and his visual universe, Mosaert. The first capsule collection includes shirts and socks designed and produced in limited amount in Europe. The collection exhibits isometric patterns, warm African wax colours and most of all, every garment reflects Stromae’s artistic style.

(take note of the little girl on the right, isn't she the cutest thing?)


This collection is the ultimate definition of AFRO-PUNK and we want every piece, but you can get yours at 


                                       and listen to his beautiful music!!!! 


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